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Welcome to Your November 2023 Full Staff Training!

There are 2 different trainings for you to complete online.

1. Best Practices (it includes documentation & finances)

2. Trauma-Informed Care on MyLearning

1. Best Practices Training

There are 2 steps for this section & 2 for your MyLearning Section below:

  1. Review the video below that covers service documentation & personal funds/individual finances  (19-minutes)

  2. Complete the survey acknowledgement/knowledge-check found here: (there is nothing for you to send me for this portion)

2.  Trauma-Informed Care & Restrictive Measures on MyLearning. Here are instructions for completing your training found here:

1. Complete the training on MyLearning
2. Email your "Proof of Completion" to Amy Jo at

Please contact Amy Jo at or 740-703-8080 if you have any questions or concerns.

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