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New Home in Fayette County

On September 26, 2014, Frontier opened a new home in Fayette County. The

home is located on Pin Oak Place, and it is a beautiful newer home. We have two

men, Shawn and Ed, living in the home who came from a developmental center.

These men have never had the opportunity to live in a home. On the first day at

the home, many tears were shed by all. The excitement in these men’s eyes was

unbelievable. I went upstairs to help them prepare the bedrooms.

When I was helping Ed make his bed he started crying, I asked why he was crying, and he started rubbing the top of his dresser and said, “ I am so happy, look at my

dresser it is beautiful. This is my first dresser.” He walked to the window and

started singing the Brady Bunch theme song. I said do you like this song and he

said, “Yes, I am singing this because we are one big happy family,” he then came

over and hugged me still crying and said, “ Thank you, I love you and my new


This was one of my most memorable days with Frontier. It was an

amazing experience to be involved in these men’s new journey.

~Meghan Gray

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