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Why We Love Frontier Community Services: Voices from our TEAM!

My first experience with Frontier Community Services was when my brother, Colby, attended Frontier Options. At the first meeting I attended with my mom at Options, I went in thinking they would tell us that his Autism was too severe for the program. It was the exact opposite. Of course we discussed his needs, but it was from a loving, kind perspective that focused on how we, as a team, could make sure Colby’s needs were being met. I literally cried tears of joy because the staff at Frontier actually loved Colby…I just knew I wanted to work here! There are no words to fully express how proud I am to work for an organization whose goal is to provide the least restrictive interventions necessary to ensure that the people we support have the best quality-of-life according to their abilities, needs, and desires—treating each person with dignity while respecting their independence. Another benefit of working at Frontier is that I am in the Public Service (Student) Loan Forgiveness Program. Without my employment here, I would have no hopes of retirement because although I have my master’s degree, I also have a LOT of student loan debt! Frontier has given me the ability to plan for my future without such a heavy financial burden looming over me! Thank you for allowing me to serve!

~Amy Jo Newlun

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