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Good Life Update

As many of you know, Becky Ward and Amy Jo Newlun are Good Life Facilitators. The Good Life is a “new mental model” that focuses on the ability of professionals to show compassion, appreciation, and respect — not only with the people they serve, but with their team members and community partners. The Good Life mental model focuses on helping people live a good life using some fundamental tools based on compassion, appreciation, and respect.

Becky and Amy Jo have been working on an SSA Toolkit with the Ohio Association of County Boards (OACB) and Service & Support Administrators (SSAs) from Ross, Athens, Morgan, and Scioto Counties. In June, 2018, Amy Jo served as panel member at the SSA Forum in Columbus to discuss the Toolkit. Frontier Community Services was the only provider agency that participated in the SSA Toolkit pilot program.

Photo cred: Ohio Association of County Boards

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