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Exciting Investment Into Our People!

We are excited to announce that we were fortunate to receive the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s Safety Intervention Grant for Employers working with persons with Developmental Disabilities (EWPDD). We have partnered with Soul Bird Consulting to bring trauma responsive approaches to support safety in our workplace.

Their approach: Healing happens in relationship. Often times, when people experience trauma, relationship with others are the first thing that is compromised. We have found through our work that helping people build healthy, safe relationships and workplaces is key to the healing journey. Our Trauma Responsive Approach guides DSPs and Managers in learning how to deescalate people who are experiencing crisis in order to prevent physical or emotional injuries.

Our DSP training will cover accessible neuroscience explaining how trauma affects the brain and body and how we can join people on their healing journey. Through our training, we build empathy, provide a sense of hope for the future, and support team members in identifying their role in supporting someone in a trauma responsive way.

Purpose: Participants can expect to learn practical tools and approaches to support safety and health and well-being in workplace and social environments. These tools and approaches are research-based and easy-to-use in a variety of settings by anyone who supports the person. They are designed to help the person move along the path to trauma recovery and to reduce injuries to self and others.

Goals: Participants in these sessions will:

  • Understand the Three Rs of Trauma Recovery

  • Know the Five Resilience Factors and how they promote healing, safety and growth

  • Use Affirmations for Rebonding to heal from past adversity and trauma

  • Use Predict, Practice, and Plan B to engage in positive daily routines

  • Use Reflect, Honor, and Connect in everyday conversations

  • Use Safety Scripts to help people regulate emotions and feel safe

Leadership: Creating space for supervisors to learn trauma responsive ways of holding supervision will incorporate learning from the Sanctuary Model as well as training on specific trauma responsive outlines for supervision and team meetings. These materials will be based off of the foundational knowledge DSPs will receive on their learning journey. We know that increased communication decreases aggression, therefore, this training will empower Manager and DSPs to improve their communication in order to support the safety of all involved in their care.

We are thrilled to be a part of the healing journey for team members and those we support! Thank you, Ohio BWC!

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