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Welcome to Your Annual
Universal Precautions Training!

Here are your instructions:
1.  Watch this 7-min video called "Transmission Prevention & Universal Precautions Training" found here:

(this video mentions a "quiz," but the only thing you need to do is complete the survey at the end of this website)

2. Watch this 1.5-minute video called "Hand Washing Introduction" found here:


3. Watch this 45-second video called "Hand Washing Steps" found here:

4. Watch this 1.25-minute video on "Sharps" found here:

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) should treat all bodily fluids and human blood as if they are known to be infectious.

5. Complete the survey knowledge-check found here:

Once you complete the survey and hit "done," there is nothing for you to send anyone. You can claim up to 30-minutes for this training on your Deputy timesheet. Please call or text Amy Jo at 740-703-8080 if you have any questions.

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