Winning Pumpkin Announced!

The winner of the 2018 Happy Harvest Jack-O’-Pumpkin Decorating Contest is...Pumpkin #5! Barbie did a FANTASTIC job with her pumpkin and will receive her pumpkin surprise treat basket! Way to go! Thank you to all who participated and voted!

“Scared of Crows” Takes the Win in 2018!

Frontier Options wins the first ever nonprofit/organization category for the Discover Downtown Chillicothe’s annual scarecrow decorating contest with a whopping 359 votes! Congrats to everyone who helped, and thanks to all of you who made your voice heard and voted!

Exciting Investment Into Our People!

We are excited to announce that we were fortunate to receive the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s Safety Intervention Grant for Employers working with persons with Developmental Disabilities (EWPDD). We have partnered with Soul Bird Consulting to bring trauma responsive approaches to support safety in our workplace. Their approach: Healing happens in relationship. Often times, when people experience trauma, relationship with others are the first thing that is compromised. We have found through our work that helping people build healthy, safe relationships and workplaces is key to the healing journey. Our Trauma Responsive Approach guides DSPs and Managers in learning how to deescalat

Cast Your Vote for Scared of Crows!

Frontier Options is participating in Discover Downtown Chillicothe's 3rd Annual "Downtown Scarecrow Contest!" Look how amazing our "Scared of Crows" entry is! Scared of Crows is located at 126 E. 2nd Street (corner of 2nd & Mulberry). There are 2 ways to vote: On their Facebook page: On their website: This site is optimized with the Yoast SEO plugin v8.3 - / Yoast SEO plugin. Google Analytics added by Gravitate Event Tracking - This can be disabled in the Plugin Settings End Google Analytics EventON Version Click the links above to link to the voting pages!

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